Treated pine rounded palisades

4 class impregnation – NTR Α
– Ready for use in or above ground and in contact with water
– It is certified for its quality and ecological impregnation


Product Details


Φ4 X 3.00m, Φ6 X 2.00m, Φ6 X 2.50m, Φ6 X 3.00m, Φ8 X 3.00m, Φ8 X 4.00m, Φ8 X 5.00m, Φ10 X 3.00m, Φ10 X 4.00m, Φ10 X 5.00m, Φ10 X 6.00m, Φ12 X 4.00m, Φ12 X 5.00m, Φ12 X 6.00m, Φ14 X 5.00m, Φ14 X 6.00m, Φ16 X 6.00m, Φ18 X 6.00m